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About us

Donald W. Smith provides training services in the areas of networking, programming and telecommunications.

Over 20 years of training, support and consulting experience in advanced areas including LANs, IP networks, DSL, ATM, T-Carrier and Optical Networking.
Over 20 years experience in programming including C, C++, Java, PHP in many environments.

Our services can streamline the process of course development and provide instant course delivery expertise to bring you up to speed fast.

Excellent references and current industry knowledge.

Award winning instructor in leading networking companies (NT, CSCO...).

Pre-packaged courses or custom course development and delivery.

Extensive library of source training material.

Specializing in Powerpoint and MS-Word media with effective use of graphics.

Detailed instructor notes and presentation guidelines.

Published author in many leading trade journals.

Training Organization and facility design consulting.

Web based course development with animation and streaming media.

Based near Silicon Valley, with experience training all across the U.S., in Asia, and in many European locations.


In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established in 2001 and had been responsible for providing outstanding Training services ever since. 

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